Decentralized Communication platform.

User doesn't have to verify the phone number or email to use stealth chat:SSF. Anyone can send you a message by just using your BEP-20 address.

Fast, Safe & Easy

Powerful and robust features with ease to use interface

Without a Trace

When a message is destructed or deleted, it is completely gone forever

Open Source

SSF has an open API and source code available community to contribution

Stealth Wallet:SSF

Hide Transactions With bridging algorithm

This will allow to break the usual chain of transactions and removing any traces which connects back to sender or receiver.

We are not reinventing the tyre here but taking existing transaction model to next level by applying enhanced encryption algorithms and simplifying whole process for users.

Staking Platform

With an insane APY of 405555.56% and DPY of 1111.11%, we have launched the staking platform and governance platform.

Staking Governance

Only BEP-20 Address Required

Stay Anonymous with only a address. You don’t have to verify your phone number or email to use SSF:Chat. Anyone can send you a message by just using your BEP-20 address. You can decide to receive message from anyone or just from whitelisted addresses.

Apps are not available yet, please refer to product timeline.

  • Anti-Screenshot

    When “Anti-SR” mode is enabled, SSF insight algorithm completely prevents any one to take screenshot.

  • Nuke Messages

    You can nuke an entire conversation from a single message and both sides of messages will get destruct.

  • Encryption AES-512 Bit

    Messages stored on your device are encrypted specifically for you, and can never be opened on new device.

  • Hide in Plain Sight

    Encrypt secret photos behind a cover image. You can store this covered image in your camera roll.

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

Token Distribution

  • Presale: 30% tokens of tokens are available in presale via unicrypt.
  • Initial Liquidity Pool: 20% of tokens will be used to provide liquidity to exchanges
  • Marketing & Strategic Partnership: 1% tokens are allocated
  • Reward Pool: 47% of tokens are allocated for reward pool. Locked in staking contract
  • Team Pool: 1% team & 1% advisory tokens locked for 1 year. Tokens are locked at

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